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Botox is a prescription only medicine - Beware of Discount Deals /Corporate VT
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DermaFACE clinic specializes in male anti wrinkle injections; one of the fastest-growing cosmetic procedures on the market today. These treatments are used for the reduction and elimination of facial wrinkles caused by dynamic or over functional muscles (muscles that get a lot of use). Facial wrinkles arise when you contract your facial muscles to form a frown, squint, grimace, smile, or any other type of expression. The result of these movements forms those ageing lines around your eyes, mouth, or nose, and across your forehead. Anti Ageing treatments are very effective in getting rid of some of your facial wrinkles. Now thanks to these treatments men can look more approachable and less stressed in the workplace, in addition to looking 10 years younger after this ten minute treatment. Please call 01-667 8000 to book your consultation.

Man getting botox

Why choose DermaFACE Clinic?

At DermaFACE we carry out Mantox® treatments daily in our clinic. In fact DermaFACE originally registered this trademark before relinquishing the rights to Allergan, who have subsequently licensed Mantox® exclusively to DermaFACE in Ireland and the UK. We have a wealth of experience a natural pain free reduction in wrinkles for every man. Our ‘less is more’ natural approach is enjoyed by many of our male clients who want a natural look by reducing facial wrinkles and the signs of ageing, while not necessarily eliminating all lines. Our highly qualified team have undergone very specific specialised training in the administration of Anti Wrinkle Injections in world renowned Harley Street London. As such we can offer you the most experienced practitioners to ensure total safety in a clinical setting. At DermaFACE we do not have nurse practitioners administering these treatments.  We also offer out of hours on call service for our existing patients after treatment. The benefits of attending a specialist clinic to have these treatments, ensures optimum safety and maximum clinical cross infection control. Our clinic has been featured on Channel4 and also on RTE and TV3 to carry out these anti ageing treatments, and many high profile Irish business men enjoy the absolute discretion afforded to our clients at our Dublin 2 clinic.

Why do men want anti wrinkle injections?

wrinkels on man's faceThe motivation behind seeking Mantox® treatment varies between individuals. Some men seek these anti ageing injections in the belief it will boost their chances on the singles scene, and experience a confidence boost as a result of the procedure. But for many men, Mantox® is seen as a career investment. The most commonly treated area in men is the frown lines between the eyes. If these lines are deep, they can cause a person to look angry even when their expression is neutral. Removing these lines can give a person a more ‘approachable’ appearance, which can be a career advantage for many men whether they are a salesman who needs to appear more friendly or a lawyer who needs to make a good impression in the court room.

Why do some business men look angry or over stressed?

A man who has pronounced lines between his brows may be perceived as angry or stressed, which he may not be. That's why it's not surprising that men are also choosing Anti Ageing Treatments. This cosmetic non-surgical treatment requires little time out of the office. So, it’s possible to have the procedure done during a lunch hour and head right back to the office.
Is there a social stigma attachment to male cosmetic treatments?

In the past, there was a social stigma attached to men seeking cosmetic treatment. However, in today’s society seeking advice and treatment to improve your looks is no longer the preserve of women, and cosmetic procedures among men are on the rise. When it comes to any of our Anti Ageing or Anti Wrinkle treatments, around 15 to 30 percent of patients are male, but the exact number is dependent on your location. It is now the most popular non-surgical procedure amongst men.

Do men require the same amount of product as women?

Men often require more product than women which is because men have a greater muscle mass than women, this is reflected in the price. Similarly, it has been commonly observed that larger, stronger men need more units per treatment area than smaller framed men. The most common cause of inadequate results in male patients is due to the practitioner not using enough anti wrinkle injections.