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Facelift Dublin

Non Surgical Liquid FaceLift

It is now possible to have a combination treatment of facial fillers and anti wrinkle treatments to completely rejuvenate the whole of the face.   Since the use of liquids such as ‘facial fillers’ e.g. Juvederm is used in combination with Anti Wrinkle Injections which is also a liquid product the term ‘Liquid Facelift’ has this year become the new treatment of choice for anybody wanting to avail of this anti-ageing ‘whole face’ approach.  This treatment is non-surgical; no sutures, minimal, if any downtime and no need for general anesthetic.  If you notice that you have lines and wrinkles in places such as forehead, crow’s feet, and nasolabial folds and in the lower one third of the face then this combination treatment will treat the whole of the ageing face.  Liquid Facelifts will become the new Facelift of the coming decade.  With many surgeons, already recommending this non-surgical approach to their patients, above the traditional surgical facelift it is clear that this non-surgical and non-invasive approach is clearly very effective and gives great aesthetic result in most cases.  In some cases the traditional face lift may be required due to advanced loss of volume, but in most cases one can now successfully recommend and treat most faces with this non surgical ‘Liquid Facelift’ approach to ageing.  Of course it can only be performed by a registered surgeon, doctor, dermatologist or dentist who has completed additional advanced training with Allergan; the makers of Botox.  In addition it is illegal for nurse practitioners to carry out this combination treatment in the Republic of Ireland as a portion of the treatment requires the administration of Botox and this is outside the remit of a nurse practitioner in this country at present.

If we look at the face as a person ages, the once abundant collagen and elastin which contributes to the youthful appearance begins to decrease.  As we age the levels of collagen and elastin found in the skin diminish and the skin becomes saggy.  In essence there is loss of volume and the key to rejuvenating the face is to replace and replenish this loss of volume, in addition to eradicating and smoothing out wrinkles in the upper part of the face and at the side of the eyes!   This loss of volume in the upper part of the face leads to wrinkles at the side of the eyes and temples.  In the mid-face the area of the cheeks and cheekbones can look old and tired, and of course the area around the mouth can also become saggy with marionette lines below the lips which make the face look jowly in addition to the fact that as we age our lips become thinner and more wrinkled.  All of the above contributes to an overall more tired and more aged looking face! 

A more youthful face normally resembles an inverted pyramid, but as we age the face becomes more like a pyramid with jowls along the jaw line and saggy wrinkles in the lower part of the face.  A youthful face is one that is full of volume with large wide opened eyes, lips that are fuller and also a well-defined and smooth jaw-line.  Another tell-tale sign of ageing is the marionette or puppet lines that run from the corners of the mouth giving that downturned or frowning mouth.

The key to a non-surgical ‘Liquid Facelift’ is that all these areas can be treated effectively with a combination of facial fillers and of course Anti Wrinkle Injections.  Due to the fact that all the treatments are liquid products and are either combating loss of volume and/or using a liquid product to smooth away lines and wrinkles in addition to replacing loss of volume – the term ‘Liquid Facelift’ has been coined.

Liquid facelift - botox

How do we age?

As mentioned previously loss of volume is one of the hallmarks of an ageing face.  A youthful face has lots of volume particularly in the cheeks and temples as the side of the head.  A plump face looks more youthful whereas a thin gaunt face looks older.  That is why if people lose weight rapidly often it shows on their faces giving them a tired appearance that makes them look older.

As we age the skin loses its laxity or ability to remain taught and tight.  It is a bit like a deflated balloon; but if you can imagine blowing up a balloon so that it has more volume the same principal can be applied in the face.  By having facial fillers such as Juvederm this replaces the loss of volume thus giving a fuller and healthier appearance which is much more youthful.

Another sign of ageing is that as our faces age not only do we lose volume but also the shape of our face changes from an inverted pyramid or upside triangle to a triangle with all the sagging in the bottom one-third of the face.  Finally the most obvious sign of facial ageing is Wrinkles which are formed on the face as we age.  This is due to overuse of muscles and sun damage but can be easily corrected with our new ‘Liquid Facelift’.

LiquidFacelift botox

The Solution to the ageing Face is to replace Volume

With both third and fourth generation hyaluronic fillers now firmly established along with recent advances in non-surgical anti wrinkle treatments the real key to rejuvenating the ageing face is to replace lost Volume.  Products such as Juvederm and Voluma have made it possible for us here at DermaFace clinic to replace facial volume that has been lost due to ageing. The Liquid Facelift is more than just filling in lines and creases; here at DermaFace Clinic we believe that the actual re-volumizing of the face can be performed to restore youthful fullness and the more youthful proportions of the face. 

The Liquid Facelift®

As mentioned above volume replacement with a variety of non-surgical facial fillers is the key to the rejuvenation of the face.  A combination of facial fillers that are both temporary and reversible in addition to long-lasting can restore the face back to a more youthful face. Aiming to restore the upside-down pyramid proportions seen in a young face, volume replacement of the cheeks, mid-face, nasolabial folds, lip area and along the jaw line are key to this replacement of lost volume. As these areas are plumped out, the skin is literally revolumised, lifted, rejuvenated and tightened, resulting in a “liquid facelift” with a natural and more youthful look without the excessively tightened ‘wind tunnel’ appearance that some surgical facelifts create, notwithstanding minimal if any downtime along with non-invasiveness of the procedure!

Our clinical team has much experience at tailoring a treatment to ensure that the most youthful and natural result can be achieved for you!

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