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juvederm Juvederm Ultra is a range of smooth consistency gels which are injected to restore facial volume, fill lines in the face, redefine lips and get rid of wrinkles and folds in the face.  This product has a very smooth consistency and has an advanced formulation so it flows easily into the skin because it is not granular. The result after treatment with Juvederm is a smooth natural appearance to the face.

Juvederm Ultra can help reverse the ageing process.  Loss of skin volume and the appearance of static lines are all part of the natural intrinsic and extrinsic ageing process.  This exciting product replaces lost volume by replenishing the skins natural stores of hyaluronic acid.  The result is a smoother younger looking face.

Another benefit of this advanced formulation is that Juvederm offers results which last longer than other facial fillers.  In fact according to Allergan the makers of this product it can last between 9-12 months.  Juvederm can correct moderate and severe folds on the face.

JUVEDERM face graphic

JUVEDERM illustration

JUVEDERM for woman before and after

For many patients the younger they look, the better they feel about themselves.  Would you like to reverse the signs of ageing?  If the answer is yes then please call 01 667 8000 NOW to book your Free Juvederm Consultation.

 JUVEDERM man before and after

There are 3 products in the Juvederm Range; Ultra 2 is ideal for shallow and fine lines, and to treat lips for a moderate natural increase in Volume.  Ultra 3 is ideal for moderated facial folds and cheek enhancement, in addition to adding greater volume to lips.  Ultra 4 is used for deep nasolabial folds that are very advanced.  You will not need to decide which product you would like, because you will be advised by your treating clinician what grade of product will best suit what look you wish to achieve aesthetically.

What causes this ageing process?

Age, hormone changes, sun and wind exposure and smoking can all cause fine lines and wrinkles to form.  The skin feels more fragile, becomes thinner and is less elastic.  As we get older hyaluronic acid that was present naturally in the body from birth is diminishing, and so by injecting Juvederm we are simply replenishing these lost stores of hyaluronic acid.  As we age the hyaluronic content of our skin decreases, leaving our skin less well hydrated.  In addition sebaceous glands become less active and the skin becomes drier and loses fat; so it looks less plump and the skin loses its youthful appearance.

 How can I reverse these signs of ageing?

Dermal filler products such as Juvederm are a popular solution to treat facial lines and wrinkles.  In order to reverse the signs of ageing, it is possible to have these products injected into the skin in order to restore and replenish the levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin.  These products also attract 1,000 times their weight in water, so in addition to plumping up the skin, reducing lines and wrinkles they also cause the skin to become extremely hydrated which helps the skin look younger.  In addition collagen and elastin is stimulated by this treatment.

 How long does the treatment take and what does it involve?

Treatment with Juvederm takes just 10 or 15 minutes, and you will feel no discomfort because the product contains Lidocaine which minimises discomfort and ensures that swelling is minimal.  Using a tiny needle our clinical director will inject this product just below the skin.  Your practitioner will inject superficially for fine lines using perhaps Juvederm Ultra 2 yet deeper using Juvederm Ultra 4 for those facial jowls and advanced Nasolabial folds.  Juvederm Ultra 3 can be used to volumise lips and also for moderate facial lines.

women with wrinkles

Will the treatment hurt?

 This product contains Lidocaine, but in addition we can offer you some additional dental freeze before the treatment so you will not feel any discomfort.  We can guarantee a 100% pain free Juvederm treatment at DermaFace Clinic.  The effect of the treatment will be immediate, and you will see the difference before you leave the clinic.

How long will the effects last?

The longevity of the treatment depends on each individual, how old they are, if they are a smoker and how much filler is placed.  In addition, the quality of the skin will affect how long the treatment lasts for.  The duration of effect also depends on where the product is placed, often if product is placed in the lips it lasts less time than if placed in the nasolabial folds.  This is because the lips are constantly moving during speech and during eating and so the product is broken down quicker in this area.

 lips before and after

What side effects are there?

After a Juvederm treatment there may be some redness, minor swelling and on occasion bruising may occur.  These are all very normal reactions to an injection, however at DermaFace we are very experienced and any of the above is minimal for most patients.  Most side effects are mild and resolve within a few days.  Arnica 6X is recommended for bruising.  According to the manufacturer of this product sometimes there can be some swelling, lumps & bumps, tenderness, bruising, itching and discolouration.  Rarely do our DermaFace patients ever report the above side effects. However these are the possible side effects and we must advise you of them.

What can I do to minimise bruising?

 If you take Arnica 6X before treatment (start 24 hours before treatment) and continue taking this homeopathic medicine as per instructions for 4/5 days after treatment any swelling or bruising should be absolutely minimised.

 I get cold sores; can I have this treatment in my lips?

If you suffer regularly from cold sores (herpes simplex) then please advise your practitioner by marking it in the appropriate section of the medical history.  If you have had an outbreak more than twice in the past 6 months, we will supply you with a prescription for Zovirax tablets to start 24 hours before treatment, and to continue for 6 days post treatment.  Your DermaFace treating clinician will advise you of the best protocol depending on your history of cold sores.  But as a rule if you have had two cold sores recently we would prescribe a course of Zovirax antibiotics to be commenced prior to treatment.

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