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If you are a fan of X-factor you will have noticed that even our very own Louis Walsh has now succumbed to the pressures of fame and is sporting a brighter whiter smile just like his fellow judges. Simon Cowell as we know already has teeth that are whiter that white. In fact while it used to be that only celebrities had the perfect Hollywood White Smile now you too can afford to have Hollywood White Teeth, but with teeth whitening on the increase and many non-dentist delivered whitening systems on the market how do you know where to go if you too want that perfect Hollywood white smile.

The past number of years has seen a huge increase in the number of people who choose to have their teeth professionally whitened. Initially people requested to have their teeth just a couple of shades whiter, and they didn’t want it to be ‘too noticeable’. Now the trend for the most discerning Irish teeth whitening patient is to have Hollywood White teeth. We don’t mean teeth a bit whiter, what people are now asking for is to have their teeth as bright and as white as possible. So with this in mind we have searched high and low for the most effective ways to whiten teeth. We are delighted to announce the introduction of our latest Dentist delivered Teeth Whitening System called Hollywood White ™.

Questions you should be asking before you go ahead with a teeth whitening treatment?

1) Is it a dentist delivered teeth whitening treatment?

2) Is the dentist registered on the Irish Dental Counsel?

3) If so, what is the dental counsel number of the dentist who is going to whiten my teeth?

4) Have they on display in their dental room a copy of their dental degree?

There are lots of different commercial whitening businesses being set up, is it ok to attend one of these?

If these whitening businesses were offering dentist delivered teeth whitening treatments

then it might be worth considering, however any person with an interest in looking after their teeth long term knows that you should only ever get your teeth whitened at a dental clinic. The problem is that no dentists will work in these commercial whitening businesses because dentists work in dental clinics and not beauty salons/non dentist run whitening rooms. So these commercial whitening businesses/whitening salons cannot offer dentist delivered treatments because no dentist will practice out of these businesses because dentists are bound by codes of practices including cross infection control measures that are often not in place in such commercial whitening businesses.

Do these commercial whitening businesses have good clinical practice and good cross infection control measures?

It would seem difficult to see how they would have cross infection controls in place to prevent the spread of infections when there is no dentist on the premises managing the clinical side of the business. In addition these commercial teeth whitening businesses are now using the phrase ‘a dental professional will whiten your teeth’ which gives the impression that it is a dentist. The ‘dental professional’ doing the teeth whitening is most likely a dental nurse that is quite possibly not even registered to practice in Ireland. The reason being, that Irish Registered dental nurses and Irish Registered dental hygienists are esteemed members of the professional dental team and like dentists they will not want to practice out of commercial whitening businesses that is not owned and operated by a dentist.

What does an Irish Registered Dentist or Dental Nurse mean?

It is a person who is on the list of Registered Dentists in Ireland or Registered Dental Nurses in Ireland (please contact the Irish Dental Counsel for list of those registered on Dental Counsel). Obviously this wonderful profession has a great mix of nationalities & ethnicities and the term ‘Irish Registered Dentist’ or ‘Irish Registered Nurse’ isn’t reflecting the nationality of a dentist of dental nurse, it represents their being registered to practice in Ireland or not. Not all countries have the same standards as Dentistry in Ireland & Europe, and so the Irish Dental Council assesses any persons trained outside the UK & Ireland on an
individual case basis. Many persons applying from abroad will have to take extra exams and complete additional studies before they are allowed to register on The Irish Dental Counsel.

To be safe I want to make sure that only an Irish Registered Dentist carries out my teeth whitening treatment, how can I be sure?

Arrange a consultation first and ask the person if they are an Irish Registered Dentist. Be prepared for a spiel about them being qualified elsewhere but not yet registered in Ireland yet. If the dentist is not registered on the Irish Dental Council then do not let them whiten your teeth and find somewhere that does have dentist delivered teeth whitening. All Irish Registered dentists have to display their degree in their surgery. If you are clever about this you will telephone different places and ask first if it is a dentist delivered teeth whitening treatment and what is the dental counsel number of the dentist who is going to be performing this treatment for you. If they cannot supply you with these facts then do not even waste your time attending for a consultation or treatment. If you are a walk in patient then ask the same questions as above;

1) Is it a dentist delivered teeth whitening treatment?

2) Is the dentist registered on the Irish Dental Counsel?

3) If so, what is the dental counsel number of the dentist who is going to whiten my teeth?

4) Have they on display in their dental room a copy of their dental degree?

If I get side effects from attending a commercial whitening business for a non-dentist delivered teeth whitening treatment are non-dentists (including beauticians often doing the teeth whitening) qualified to look after post treatment complications?

Of course not, because only a dentist should whiten teeth and only a dentist can safely and effectively whiten your teeth. Anyone who is willing to risk their teeth and their gums by having a non-dentist delivered teeth whitening treatment is unlikely to receive much sympathy if they do run into post treatment problems because like when the dentistry abroad goes wrong, Irish dentists are loath to get involved in cases that could potentially get complicated.

How was the DermaFace Hollywood White ™ Teeth Whitening System?

Here at DermaFace we have successfully whitened many people’s teeth including high profile Irish and UK celebrities. In fact with thousands of dentist delivered teeth whitening treatments under our belt so to speak we have fast become the market leaders in Dentist delivered teeth whitening treatments. So we are happy to say that on our journey we have learnt more than a thing or two about how best to whiten teeth. When we say best we don’t mean just how to get your teeth their whitest, we are talking about how to safely and effectively whiten teeth. We have noticed that many Irish and Caucasian people have a yellow hue or yellow colour to their teeth that can make it difficult to lift teeth in colour. We have also being researching ways to get better results while maintaining and improving safety and efficacy of teeth whitening procedures. Now we have come up with DermaFace Hollywood White™ which as with all our teeth whitening systems is a Dentist delivered teeth whitening treatment. It is really important that you are aware that only a dentist can safely and effectively whiten teeth.

In the past year many commercial teeth whitening businesses have opened where they have beauticians or non-Irish Registered nurses doing the teeth whitening, is this not worrying?

Most worrying is the emergence of commercial businesses offering teeth whitening procedures. These non-dental businesses are obviously under the misconception that profit margins in this area are worth pursuing, so much so they are willing to take on the associated risks caused by non-dentist delivered whitening systems. Teeth Whitening is by far one of the easiest cosmetic dental treatments for us dentists. The key is not knowing how to do it, but knowing ‘when not to do it. As for patients attending non dentist run commercial teeth whitening clinics/beauty salons to have teeth whitening treatments, well it is safe to say that teeth are simply not on the curriculum at beauty school just as Brazilian bikini waxing is not on the curriculum at dental school.

I believe that this latest trend in persons attending beauty salons or non-dentist run and non-dentist administered teeth whitening treatments for slightly cheaper (albeit unregulated) teeth whitening treatments will hopefully soon stop with the introduction of pending EU Law Changes. The only saving grace in all this ridiculousness is the commercial whitening clinics/beauty salons cannot get access to the same professional strength teeth whitening systems as the dentists (obviously the dental companies only issue their high strength product to Irish & UK registered Dentists). So there is an element of damage limitation, in so far as, the product doesn’t actually work particularly well. The percentages of hydrogen peroxide that commercial whitening businesses/beauty salons can get access to is so low that there is no chance of these whitening products actually working to the same degree as dentist delivered teeth whitening. Although if this lower strength product is misplaced on gums or other soft tissues there is a huge chance of local burns etc. Within the regulated dental profession dental nurses & dental hygienists do not carry out teeth whiting treatments. Well hopefully with pending EU laws on teeth whitening, these non-dentist delivered teeth whitening services will fall into non-existence, and frankly the sooner the better. Personally here at DermaDental we are becoming tired of explaining to patients that of course they could never get the desired shade of whitening from attending a beauty salon. Although many are so disappointed after having parted with hard earned money that I must admit I do feel sorry for them. However you wouldn’t go to the dentist for a leg wax, so why on earth would you go to a beauty salon for a dental treatment?

Does teeth whitening make the enamel on your teeth thinner or cause sensitivity?

I think many Teeth Whitening misconceptions are derived from the sub-optimum and unregulated whitening systems available on the market today. These misconceptions come from unregulated whitening gels, and whitening strips available over the internet, alongside the many other forms of substandard whitening systems that have arrived on the market by suppliers who are neither dentally qualified nor dentally trained. Many persons believe that the teeth whitening market is a lucrative one, this is not the case. As mentioned previously, in order to carry out an in-office whitening treatment it takes a dentist circa 1 hour, and maybe even 1 hour 15 minutes. With prices from as little as €400 (RRP €800) for in-office teeth whitening procedures, the hourly margin profit is much lower for the dentist than what would be achieved within the general dentistry/amalgam filling remit. The service is made available to dental patients of a dental practice simply because there is a demand for it. If one didn’t offer this service, patients would simply go elsewhere for their general
dental care. Teeth Whitening does not generate particularly good profit margins, in fact quite the contrary. It would seem that with the ever reducing/ever competitive price wars that teeth whitening treatments will become somewhat of a ‘loss leader’ for many dental clinics.

DermaFace is now well established as the dental team responsible for safely & effectively whitening many Irish & UK Celebs teeth.